Building modular Solar panel

  • The Solar Tiles are connected in series to build a larger panel.

  • The total voltage of the panel is the sum of each Solar Tile's voltage.

  • The positive & negative connectors are placed in three different configurations to allow for versatility in shape and design.

  • There are three types of Solar Tiles in the panel shown below.

Solar Tile prototype 5 20 ps.123.png

Solar tiles types


Type A

The Positive face up and Negative face right in the square tile.


Type B

The Positive face up and Negative face left in the square tile.

Solar Tile prototype 5.52.png

Type C

The Positive face up and Negative face down in the square tile.

Connecting As_edited.png
Double A_edited_edited.png
solar tile demo_edited_edited_edited.png
Solar tile5.25.png
Solar tile5.36.png
Solar tile5.37.png

Connect The
Solar tiles

Using the buckle connectors and three different Solar Tile configurations you can create a solar panel to match your needs by connecting the Solar Tiles in series. Simply add the voltage from each Solar Tile to view the total voltage for solar panel.


When Connecting
in parallel

While we recommend the Solar Tiles be connected in series, you can also connect the Solar Tiles in Parallel. In this case the system currents will be added up when using connection cords to connect more than one set