Installation is always a hard part of solar energy utilization, with Square Solar  installation kit, you can install your panel in your own way


Installation on Curved Surfaces

6ps.89 info.png

Installation kit for non-rack installation

Building Racks for solar panels always costy and time consuming, Square Solar installation kit just simply the orginal way of installation 

Item 1: Screw Handle to tie up the Kit assembly 

Item 2: Flexible connector to hold up to 4 solar tiles together

Item 3&4: Adhersive pad to stick it to the desired surfaces


Disclaimer: Final details and specifications of the product are yet to be determined including but not limited to design, dimensions, color, weight, power, construction, pricing, photos. The information and renderings presented are intended to educate and inform about the general use of the product and may be subject to change.



The Modular solar panel installed with installation kit have better air flow underneath the solar panel