Pre-order Solar Tile Starter Pack (220W) 20 ps Phase 1
  • Pre-order Solar Tile Starter Pack (220W) 20 ps Phase 1


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    The estimate realse date will be June 2022, and currently working with UBCO, vancouver, Canada. 

    The project progress will also posted on our website and our facebook pages. 


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      Solar Tiles Starter Pack includes 10 solar tiles (2 Solar Tile A,  and 8 Solar Tiles C and one Connection Cord)



      2.0 V Solar Tiles A/B/C

      Maximum Power (Pmax) :

        9.0 - 12.0W

      Power Tolerance :

       -7% - +7%

      Module Efficiency: 


      Maximum Power Current (lmp):

       5.4 A

      Opening Circuit  Voltage (Vmp):


      Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 


      Short Circuit Current (lsc) :

       5.6 A

      Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):



      300 x 300 x 16.0mm


      Monocrystalline Silicon 



      Connector Type

      Altered MC4

      IP rating 

      About IP65-67


      May subject to change



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