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Easy connection

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Rackless installation


Maximum Power (Pmax) :  11.0W

Power Tolerance :  -7%-+7%

Module Efficiency: 16-22%

Maximum Power Current (lmp): 5.4A

Opening Circuit  Voltage (Vmp): 2.2V

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 2.0V 

Short Circuit Current (lsc) : 5.6 V 

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 2.2V

Dimension: 300*300*18.3mm

Cell(technology): Monocrystalline Silicon 

Weight: 270- 285g

Connector Type :  MC4

IP rating : IP 65-67

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Disclaimer: Final details and specifications of the product are yet to be determined including but not limited to design, dimensions, color, weight, power, construction, pricing, photos. The information and renderings presented are intended to educate and inform about the general use of the product and may be subject to change.

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The Connector

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The Solar Cell


The Back