Going solar has
never been easier

Build a modular solar system that fits your space.

The solar panel for the future

Meet the solar panel that’s just right for you. It’s modular, customizable, and incredibly versatile. Designed for RVs, boats, or off-grid cabins, to maximize power output. Best of all, installation is a breeze – you’ll be up and running in just a few hours.


Easy Handling


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Our panels feature a compact, expandable design. With a small size of just 28cm in width and length and a thickness of only 31mm, weighing around 750g, you can easily take them with you wherever you go in your backpack. But don’t let their size fool you; these 11W panels can connect with each other to create a larger panel, perfect for powering your outdoor adventures.

The modular solar panel

Create the size that fits you.


Less cables, less complicated. Just a few clicks – it's that straightforward.


No racks more freedom. Bring them anywhere you want.


Horizontal, vertical, curved surface? No problem.


Customize the system with ease to fit your space.

Adopting solar energy is painful. That’s why we develop the solar panels of the future.


At Square Solar, we understand that transitioning to solar energy can be a daunting process. Our innovative design and installation process make it drastically easier.

Our solar panels will soon be available for pre-order on Kickstarter! Join the waitlist and get informed when we launch.

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Save time and money with simplified installation

Our Modular Solar Panels are designed to save you time and money. Unlike traditional solar panels that require a rack for installation, our panels can be easily installed without one. This means you won’t have to spend extra for professional installers. Install our panels within a couple hours, whenever it fits your schedule.

Handy design to bring more convenience

At just 31cm X 28cm and weighing only around 750g, our Modular Solar Panels are designed to be portable and easy to store. Whether you’re heading out on a camping trip or embarking on an outdoor adventure, our panels can go with you anywhere. With our panels, you can explore the world without limits.

Production is underway.

Our Modular Solar Panels are currently in production and we’re excited to share them with the world. Sign up our email list or follow us on Facebook to receive the latest updates on our pre-sale and be the first to experience the power of our Modular Solar Panels.

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