Our Story

Hi there.

I’m Derek, and my passion for bringing solar energy to everyone is deeply personal. Let me share my story with you.

Picture me in my rented apartment, part of a complex that didn’t offer the luxury of vast rooftop space. I had this burning desire to harness the power of the sun, but the practicality was far from sunny. The process was a labyrinth of cables, bewilderingly complex, and as far from user-friendly as you can imagine. 

In the midst of my solar struggle, a simple yet profound question nagged at me: why should embracing affordable and sustainable energy be this tough?

That’s when it hit me. I couldn’t be the only one facing these challenges. In 2020, I set out on a mission and founded Square Solar. My vision was clear: break down the barriers that made solar power seem out of reach and bring it within everyone’s grasp. It became personal, and it became my purpose.

Join me to innovate energy with the solar panel of tomorrow.


Our Team Journey So Far

December 2019

Founded Square Solar

February 2020

Initial Prototype

March 2021

Second Prototype

October 2021

Collaboration with New York Institute of Technology for new installation kits

November 2021

Granted the first utility patent


Collaboration with University of British Columbia (Canada) for conductivity analysis

February 2023

Final prototyping & testing

March 2023

CE, IPX7, ROHS, FCC Certified

June 2023

First pilot
project finished

July 2023

Second pilot project finished

October 2023

Presale offer on Kickstarter

April 2024

Square Solar Kits delivered to backers

Product kits

Making solar energy accessible for everyone, everywhere.

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